A one of a kind technology.

At the core of all PUR attitude products, we've replaced water with the power of Hylauronix™ technology. We are the first and only skin care that is completely waterless -- giving your skin a chance for ultimate hydration.

What's more Hydrating than Water?

Hyaluronic Acid, a carbohydrate that is found in virtually every cell in our body, draws up to 1000 times its weight in moisture from the air, creating a hydrating jelly-like consistency and working hand-in-hand with the collagen in our skin. 

While collagen provides firmness to the skin, it's the high levels of Hyaluronic that keep that collagen nourished and hydrated. Higher levels of Hyaluronic Acid helps the skin stay continuously moisturized, more resilient, and smoother overall.

Our Technology

Our patented technology, Hyaluronix™, mimics the skin's structure by combining specific safe ingredients that are naturally found in the body, including:


Three different molecular weights are combined, including a specific pharmaceutical grade, to work all the way down to the deepest third layer of the skin.


An amino sugar that promotes the natural formation of additional Hyaluronic Acid, the enhancement of the skin's lipid barrier, and improved skin moisture.


A major component in the skin's lipid barrier that helps to bind surface cells together. Studies have shown that dry, damaged skin is often linked to depleted ceramide levels.

Why "No Water"? 

Because water is not the best form of hydration for our skin. Plain and simple. On the inside, yes. But not so much on the outside. 

Think about it: what happens to your skin after you've been sitting in a bath tub, pool, or ocean? 

So if we are trying to combat wrinkles, why should we use water in our anti-aging skin care routine?



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