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One of America's best anti-aging beauty secrets is the PUR attitude skin care line. 100% American-made skin care that provides anti-aging remedies without the use of water or harsh chemicals. Women from all over the world are loving the results that only a true waterless, chemical-free skin care line can provide.

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American Skin Care Company PUR attitude Adds Anti-Oxidant Fusion-C Serum Without Toxic Chemicals or Water to Product Line

Dateline: Boca Raton, FL    

What sets PUR attitude's Fusion-C apart is that they have 5 Vitamin C sources -- while most other companies only use 1-2 sources -- which makes PUR attitude Fusion-C dose very effective in comparison to others...

PUR attitude showcased Waterless Chemical-Free Skin Care Line at Indie Beauty Expo in Los Angeles

Dateline: Los Angeles, CA    

It’s not often in the world of beauty products that a completely new concept that benefits the consumer’s image, health and pocketbook comes along. American MD Labs, LLC...


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