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Simply Sunscreen

Simply Sunscreen


When we are in a hurry to get outside and enjoy the warm weather, we are all guilty of smearing on the sunscreen really quick and then thinking we should be all set for the day. This is not true at all!

Sunscreen is important when it comes to preventing skin cancer, and you have to know how to get the most out of the sunscreen that you apply.

First, remember to put it on! Sunscreen doesn’t do your body any good if you leave it in the bottle!

Second, check the bottle. Sunscreens have expiration dates! You aren’t protected if it is expired.

Third, always shake the bottle. Mixing it up ensures that you are benefiting from all of the ingredients.

Fourth, put it on 30 minutes before sun exposure. The ingredients need time to be absorbed by the skin.

Apply sunscreen before you leave the house. If you wait until you feel the warmth on your skin to apply it, and the sunscreen takes time to be absorbed, you are prolonging the unprotected exposure of the sun's rays on your skin! This will not only leave you with a burn but cause some skin damage as well.

Make sure you cover all areas of the body. Don’t simply cover areas that you think will be exposed- put it everywhere! Sometimes, the areas you think will be covered become exposed when adjusting your clothing. Not only will this expose your unprotected skin, but you may also end up with a striped tan! Also, pay close attention when it comes to the ears, lips, scalp, and eyes. These areas are easily missed and are very sensitive when it comes to the sun.

On average, a person should use about an ounce of sunscreen every time it is applied. Yes, that is a lot more than most people think of using! But, skimping on the application leaves more room for the suns rays to penetrate the skin. It defeats the purpose of applying it. Ideally, sunscreen should be reapplied every two hours, and more often if your skin is sweaty or wet from the water!

Between 1973 and 2003, melanoma cases increased by 81%. They are still rising today. Don’t let your loved ones or yourself become a part of that statistic- use sunscreen and reapply as directed! Sunscreen should be worn at all times when you are expecting to be out in the sun. It doesn’t matter if it is for a few minutes or an extended amount of time. Protection is the best form of prevention.

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