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Simple Beauty Secrets to Enhance Your Glam

Simple Beauty Secrets to Enhance Your Glam

Every woman wants to look her best – and now it’s fast, easy and hardly costs a thing.

You will be shocked how these simple little beauty secrets can have such a huge impact – and how fast you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go.


Give your hair a healthy, silky, natural shine – without spending a fortune on those salon treatments. Massage a tablespoon or two of olive oil on to your scalp and on any dry, split-ends. Wrap your hair up with a towel moistened with warm water and relax for about a half-hour. Shampoo your hair, rinsing out the oil. Repeat shampooing, as necessary. Style as usual. Your hair will be more radiant and manageable, your friends will think you spent a fortune at the salon.


Next, keep your skin looking healthy and radiant by unclogging pores, drawing out impurities and getting rid of dead, dull skin cells.

Fill the sink or even a bowl with extremely hot water. Stand with your face close to the hot water for several minutes, allowing the steam to open your pores. Then, while your face is still damp, massage an exfoliator over your face and neck area. I suggest a natural walnut, apricot seed, olive seed or even crushed bamboo type scrub. Rinse well and complete your at-home facial with a deep drawing clay mask by massaging a healthy layer over your face and neck area. Wait 10 minutes for the clay to dry and wash thoroughly. Complete the process by rinsing with cool water to close your pores back up and follow with your daily moisturizer, as usual.

Speaking of moisturizers, did you know that no matter what skin type you are – you should be using a moisturizer? Sounds simple, yet some people think that if they have oily skin, they don’t need one. Wrong! You just need to find the moisturizer that is right for you, maybe even a light oil-free moisturizing lotion. As an added bonus, you will discover that by using a daily moisturizer, your make-up will go on more evenly – and last longer throughout the day, giving your skin a fresher look.


Here’s another tip that most people would never think to make part of their skin care regimen. Give your eyes that magic sparkle by using moisturizing eye drops a couple times throughout the day. You may not realize how much staring at that computer and smart phone screen really takes its toll, so don’t leave home without a bottle of moisturizing eye drops in your purse!


Want to really add impact to your look – try curling your lashes. Blast your regular eyelash curler with a hair dryer for a few seconds, then use your lash curler as normal. The heat will help hold the curl and even help prevent mascara from smudging.


Now that you think you are ready to hit the scene, hold up! Many women neglect the two areas that are true tell tale signs of aging – hands and décolleté (the upper torso, including your neck, shoulders and cleavage). The skin is much different, but still needs exfoliating, moisturizing and even Vitamin C enriched products to help firm up the skin, balance out the skin tones and reverse the damage caused over the years from exposure to the sun. Include your hands and décolleté area in your skin care regimen – and no one will ever be able to discover your true age.

Who said you can’t improve on Mother Nature! These beauty secrets hold a powerful punch to unleashing the healthier, younger, more glamorous looking you!

Until next time  - David!


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