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Recipe for Ageless Skin

Recipe for Ageless Skin


Women move mountains to look their best, but they forget the most vital steps when it comes to taking care of their skin. Exercising regularly, leading a healthy lifestyle, and eating in a healthy manner are all great to incorporate into your routine, but the skin has additional needs that need to be met in order for it to look and feel it’s best on a daily basis.

For healthy, glowing skin, I highly recommend you follow this recipe:

-You lead a healthy lifestyle, but there is still room for improvement. The occasional cigarette, drink, the day of lounging at the beach, and poor eating can catch up to you quickly and should be avoided altogether. In addition to being unhealthy, they also speed up the aging process of your skin! Take care of those skin cells, ladies!

-Eat well, always. For good health and healthy skin, eating well and watching your weight is vital. The body needs nutrients and vitamins that are found in certain foods to repair cell damage and create new cells daily. Eating meals that are well balanced with a lot of leafy vegetables and fruits, along with nuts and eggs will give you healthier looking skin in no time.

-Drink water. I’m sure you’ve heard before that water is the key to life, but it is also the key to healthy skin! It is the easiest anti-aging product that you can get your hands on! Drink water regularly instead of sodas and other sugary beverages. Add fruit if you are looking for a little variety!

-Exercise regularly. You don’t have to do a huge workout routine every day, but a little extra walking goes a long way. Park a little farther away from the store. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Take a walk while you are on the phone instead of sitting on the couch. Walking improves blood flow, and blood carries the oxygen throughout your entire body, which is essential for good health.

-Have a good skincare routine. Your skin has needs of its own. To keep your skin healthy, follow the routine below. It is only three steps and is very easy to maintain for those with busy days and exhausting nights.

  • Cleanse and Exfoliate: Your skin is always renewing itself. As one ages, the process of renewing slows down (like the rest of us!). Old cells begin to accumulate on the surface and the skin begins to look dull and lose its radiance. Cleansing and exfoliating will help to create more radiant skin by speeding up the renewal of cells. A fantastic product to use during this step is the Purifying Rice Face Wash. It is a cleanser that foams and has gentle exfoliating beads in it. The beads are actually made of natural rice, not the plastic beads that most companies use. It's much healthier! All left over makeup, dirt, and other impurities on the skin are washed away.
  • Hydrate: Dry skin makes the skin age like there is no tomorrow. The skin can’t replenish and heal itself if it isn’t moisturized. It is important to moisturize both in the morning and at night. There are many different types of moisturizer, each with varying consistencies. When looking for a good moisturizer, search for one that doesn’t have a soap based emulsifier. These moisturizers actually dry out the skin as the day progresses. A great all natural moisturizer to try is PUR Attitude’s Hydro-Drench gel cream moisturizer. It works like a charm and won’t dry out the skin!
  • Take Care of your Eyes: The most delicate area to concentrate on when it comes to your skin is the eye area. Special eye creams are available to hydrate and nourish the eye area, while firming the skin through collagen production. (Collagen plumps and firms the skin, but don’t waste your money on products that contain it- the body won’t absorb it! A better option is to look for products with peptides that promote collagen production naturally.) If you are one of the lucky people with puffy eyes and dark circles in the morning, consider and eye gel. Eye gels help to soothe the eye area, nourish the skin, and hydrate for the day, without weighing you down. At night, apply it again to combat the dreaded wrinkles! For refreshed and radiant eyes, PUR Attitude’s Multi-Effects Eye Cream is ideal. It has valuable nutrients, and uses light diffusing technology to instantly create an appearance of younger eyes!

I promise if you try these steps you won’t regret it! Taking care of your skin is important to fight the aging process and look your best every day. You will feel and look better than ever by taking few extra minutes and making a few changes!

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