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Nailing it!

Nailing it!


Admit it. We all know one person that has the most fabulous natural nails. We long for ours to grow like theirs and are secretly even a little bit jealous. We’ve asked them what they do to promote the growth and strength of their tips, but they say something simple like “I just drink a lot of water.” You accept their answer, but can’t help to think that there is something they are keeping from you!

Don’t worry. Some of us don’t mind sharing our secrets so our fellow ladies can enjoy the little things! Here are some tried and true natural methods to get the long nails that you need in your life:

  1. Drink water. Your friend wasn’t lying, even if she did hold back a bit with her answer. Even though it seems like one of those things that people say all the time as a remedy for everything, it does hold some valid ground. Think about it. Water is necessary to build all of the cells within the body, and to keep all bodily function running smoothly. You really should be drinking a half ounce to an ounce of water for every pound of body weight daily. When your body is running well, your skin, hair, and nails will all be beautiful!

  2. Grab some bananas next time you are at the store. To strengthen weaker nails, biotin and Vitamin H play a huge role. If you prefer, biotin is also in beans, eggs, salmon, peanuts, and cauliflower.

  3. Pick up some protein. Gym members aren’t the only ones that need to step up their protein game. It is actually what your nails are made of! The body uses protein to make keratin, which is important when it comes to healthy, strong nails. Lean meats are the easiest way to get your daily protein, but nuts, whole grains, spinach, peas, and artichoke also provide an adequate amount.

  4. You need Zinc. There are infections that actually damage the nail bed and stunt the growth of the actual nail. Zinc assists in helping the immune system run optimally and ensure that your body builds and uses the protein properly in order for your nails to grow. Cashews, oysters, green beans, spinach, lamb, beef, wheat germ, dark chocolate, and pumpkin are all great sources of zinc.

  5. Fruit is vital. Vitamin A is essential, as it works as the body’s natural moisturizer. It keeps the nail bed healthy, so nails have a good start when it comes to growth.

It is really true when they say “You are what you eat.” Everything that you eat has an effect on the body, whether it be positive or negative. The start of growing healthy, strong nails starts with what you are putting in your mouth.

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