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At-Home Ingredients To Get Rid Of Cellulite

At-Home Ingredients To Get Rid Of Cellulite

Cellulite is a common issue with women but what’s myth and what’s reality?


Myth #1: Cellulite is the result of aging – when in reality, cellulite is a concern for 90% of adult women. So don't worry, believe it or not, almost ALL women will have cellulite at one point in their life.

Myth #2: Cellulite is the result of obesity. While your diet can affect the appearance of cellulite, it’s not the result of simply being over-weight. Cellulite can even be of concern for slender, fit females.

Myth #3: Cellulite is made up of abnormal fat tissue. Well, this one is partially true. The dimpling is from the abnormal fat tissue, but the real cause is a disorder with the connective tissue responsible for holding the fat tissue in place.

Myth #4: Cellulite is inherited. Only in the sense that being female is inherited. There are several contributing factors, including insulin resistance, lack of exercise, and the hormonal peaks and valleys associated with menstruation and pregnancy.

The goal is to break up the fat and flush out the toxins and fats. Then – to strengthen the connective tissue network. Here are a few simple steps to get you one the way:

STEP 1: LIFESTYLE– Cellulite is more common among those that sit or stand in one position for extended periods, who don’t get much exercise, and smokers. While exercising can have a great effect at so many levels, those who do not regularly exercise can make a simple lifestyle change by adding a short walk to the daily routine. Just a few minutes each day will make a difference in no time. Soon, you’ll find yourself wanting to increase the amount of time you spend walking every day.

STEP 2: DIET- What you eat can contribute to the appearance of cellulite. I’m not suggesting a crash diet, but rather an understanding that certain foods can have an effect. Too much fat and carbohydrates increase the appearance of cellulite, while drinking plenty of water and eating more fiber will help flush out the toxins. Also, too much salt in your diet can dehydrate the connective tissue and cause the body to build up and store water.

STEP 3: CLOTHING– Clothes that are too tight or have tight elastic can limit blood flow and can contribute to the appearance of cellulite. Simply making sure clothes fit right will help and be more comfortable too.

STEP 4:TOPICAL SCRUBS & LOTIONS– A large granule exfoliating massage can help break up the abnormal fat tissue and improve circulation. Following the massage with a topical cellulite lotion that focuses on breaking up toxins and rebuilding the connective tissue network can provide visible results.

Make Your Own
Caffeine is one of the most popular active ingredients for problems with cellulite and can be used in both the exfoliating massage and in topical creams to help push out toxins and water from the fat cells. Here’s a simple scrub you can have fun creating on your own:

♦ ¼ Cup Brown Sugar
♦ ¾ Cup Ground Coffee
♦ ¼ Cup Virgin Olive Oil
♦ 2 Teaspoons Flaxseed Oil
♦ Couple Drops Peppermint Oil

Add the ingredients into a bowl, in order, and mix by hand during each step. Then, massage over areas of concern using circular motions. Rinse well. Store any leftover product in a covered container in the refrigerator, but for no more than a few days.

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