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Anti-Aging Care For People Who Don't Have Wrinkles

Anti-Aging Care For People Who Don't Have Wrinkles

These days, both men and women in their youth are getting a jump start at anti-aging skincare. People have finally embraced the phrase “Prevention is better than cure” and applied it to their skin’s health. The goal is to age gracefully with a very small amount of fine lines and no age spots.

Like the name implies, "anti-aging" means fighting early enough against aging signs. It is a whole lot easier (and cheaper) to prevent skin problems than to fix them.

With that being said, here are a few effective methods to keep your skin from aging signs:

  1. Don’t dry out your skin

A common misconception these days is that you can dry your skin out (with harsh cleansers and toners) and just easily replace that moisture with heavy creams. Avoid products that strip your skin of moisture and its natural oils. A gentle cleansing is all that is needed. And luckily, if you do wish to tone, our Energizing Oxygenating Toner doesn't contain any of those drying chemicals and is so light that it does not dry out the skin. (Try: Energizing Oxygenating Toner, $29.00 [coming soon] and Purifying Rice Face Wash, $24.00)


  1. Ask your doctor about your prescription medication

A lot of people get put on pills and topically applied creams when they are younger. You could continue in this cycle for years even after you don’t need that medication anymore. Some of these medications (like birth control and creams applied to the skin) could have negative effects on your skin giving you even more problems. If you’ve been on some medication for a while and you’ve been battling a skin issue that won’t go away, I recommend that you go see your doctor. You could be cleared off medication or put on a different dosage that works better with your body.


  1. Avoid Botox for as long as you can

A lot of people in their 20s are now convinced that Botox is the easiest way to avoid wrinkles and other lines that appear as we age. Botox is a (mostly) harmless procedure which is considered safe, but it is still not the best option. Having a good skincare routine, with the right products, will be better and cheaper for you. (Try: Insta-Results Face Lift Gel, $65.00)


  1. Wear sunscreen daily

It is very important that you wear sunscreen every day because of the harmful effects of the sun rays on the skin. The UVA rays are responsible for skin aging; exposure speeds up aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines. Sun rays also penetrate through clouds, windows and clothing so you still need sunscreen even on that cloudy day when you can’t see the sun anymore.


Anti aging doesn’t always come in a tube. Most times, it’s how you take care of your skin and the things you avoid that help the most. Anti aging is almost a lifestyle on its own, so changes will have to be all over, not just a change in beauty products.

2 thoughts on “Anti-Aging Care For People Who Don't Have Wrinkles

  1. avatar yrxcvhbvib says:

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  2. avatar Sarah Thomas says:

    I just turned 50 in May! I’m glad to still be living and working! Aging doesn’t bother me really! I don’t wear makeup that much! I try not to let things stress me out! When you worry about about getting older, well you’re going age before your time! I try to exercise, drink plenty of water, take care of my skin all over, and not using so much products! Just use what you need to use! I love the Loreal 45+ reviving creme for face! That stuff is so great! Its not heavy on your face! Keep my body moisturized everyday! I don’t do too much! I embrace my age and accept it! We’re all going to age! Goes by every year! Just love yourself and treat people how you want to be treated and if they’re not down with stay away from nasty and negative people! Peace and love!

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